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Online collaboration, ideas bank, feedback, knowledge banks - communities have used their discussion forums for a range of purposes.


  • Private or public discussions
  • Moderation (of course!) included


Free discussion from the constrains of meeting rooms and agendas. Let the threads of conversation develop for themselves, through conversation, links to other places on the web (and within your own site)

Moderation features come as standard in order to allow you to discourage offense and “cyber-bullying)

User names are visible (therefore comments are attributable)

Warnings can be given to the “rule-benders”

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"simplyclick has had a positive influence on all levels of communication and therefore on the teaching and learning within the school through its effect on assessment for learning..."

Federation of small businesses

"SC has allowed us to bring the Thames Valley business community together and BUILD it. SC.s online forums have promoted local business for the local community..."

- Stuart Roper, Membership Advisor Thames Valley FSB


"Over the 4 years that used SC, it has improved our management over controlled documents in an accessible and cost effective way..."

- Sean Fitzpatrick, Chairman VGC Group

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Latest News

Virtual Desktop Hosting" now available

simplyclick now offers a new way to exploit the internet cloud and liberate staff from their own PCs.

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posted : Feb 2010