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“simplyclick already provides many schools with the tools to offer a virtual learning environment. Discover how we can help your school..."

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Simplyclick is offered with a number of standard applications

We appreciate that the needs of one community differs from the next, so we have also developed (and will continue to add more!) sector specific apps.

Hosted Virtual Desktops

Hosted desktops remove the need for 'traditional' desktop PCs in the office environment, and reduce the cost of providing the services that you need.

A hosted desktop looks and behaves like a regular desktop PC, but the software and data you use are hosted in our data centres. You access your hosted desktop securely over an internet connection from anywhere in the world via an existing PC or laptop or, for maximum cost efficiency, a specialised device called a “thin client”

All of this can be embedded within your simplyclick site, which becomes the point of entry for your staff to access you company’s applications and resources.

The Benefits?

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To discover the range of applications that can be virtually hosted and the cost of doing so with simplyclick, see our Tariff Sheet.

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